Most people hate wrinkles, especially women. No doubt about it! They do not like them because they make them look and feel very old. For that reason, they will do everything to varnish or reduce them, or at least covering up those most hated lines. When they don’t see it, they don’t feel or think about it ūüôā


What is Instantly Ageless?

It is a powerful serum that can instantly diminish fine lines and wrinkles. This exquisite product is specially made by Jeunesse Global, a global company which specializes in health and skin care products. You will look younger with this product because it has been tested and specially made to make you younger with better looking skin.

Unlike other anti-aging products that produces positive effects after how many days or weeks, with the Instantly Ageless solution, you are able to realize the results only a few minutes after applying. It is coined to work like a Botox but without injecting it.


Live Demo of Instantly Ageless

Is It Safe?

The active ingredients of this product are Argireline, Sodium Silicate and Magnesium Aluminium Silicate. Argireline is the main catalyst to the anti-aging effects of this product. It is a peptide that is absorbed by the skin that promotes anti-aging. The silicates on the other hand are responsible for the tightening of the skin that it would feel smooth and soft. They retract the pores in the skin which would then result to a smaller pore size and eliminating the wrinkles.

The revolutionary ingredient is “Argireline” – a peptide¬†that works like botox – WITHOUT the needles!


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Suggested Usage

Instantly Ageless is easy to use. Just take a small amount on your hand and lightly pat it on the areas that you want to be treated. Let it stay for a while on your skin and don’t move your face for 2 to 3 minutes to let the applied cream or serum to be absorbed and dry. This is necessary to attain the positive results of the product.

Keep away from the eyes for this may irritate it. Also, If you have experiences rashes, irritation or allergies upon using the product, have a doctor take a look at you.

There has been no adverse effects reported about this product. But this may cause some irritation or skin redness if not applied properly. If it continues to do so, seek the help of your doctor.

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17 Acne Myths Everyone Must Know

There’s a lot of info out there about acne including some false information. Before¬†you think about any treatment, it’s best to understand exactly what holds true and most significantly, exactly what’s not.

This post will expose some of the deep rooted misconceptions about acne. We hope by knowing the fact, it will set you free so that you can move on looking for the right treatments. Here are the top 10 typical myths about acne.


There are no fixed correlation between acne and age, it can happen to teenagers and adults. Adult acne is common in both ladies and males with approximately 30-40% of grownups experiencing it. And in some cases acne starts in their adult years, with grown males and females wondering where all the bumps are originating from.


Based on statistic, adult acne affects women (12-22%) more as compared to men (3%). Why is it so? Well, this is partly because ladies are more prone to hormone changes where their skin get worst during their menstruation period.


It is hard to believe but it is true. Based on studies done,¬†almost 75% of acne is inherited from our parent. Don’t blame your parent for that! Though we cannot change our parent or DNA, we can still do something about it.


Not only does Acne change your appearances, it can also present a risk to your mental health. Major acne issues, typically characterized by cystic blemishes and consistent eruptions, can lead to serious acne, causing permanent scars to form.

This in some cases affects people mentally by changing the image they have of themselves. Many people develop problems with their self-confidence and end up being frustrated and depressed.


I know, lots of people will think it is true. However, it is not entirely true. In fact, acne is triggered by hormone change in our body. There is these substance called “sebaceous glands” that can overrun with oil and clogged up our pores and became what are known as pimples, pustules, zits or cysts.

Acne are actually caused by multiple factors and not just one. It happen¬†when there is a disorder of the¬†skin – including¬†hair roots,oil producing gland and hair. When our hormone level up, the gland’s size increase and produce more oil than usual. It¬†is when the skin cells started to be trapping pores where bacteria multiply and lead to acne.


Don’t worry! Acne is not some contagious diseases that will carry from one person to another. Acne bacteria can not be transmitted like other bacteria infections. Having said that, it is not hygiene to share personal belonging such as towel with other person.


Individuals wrongly believe that popping a pimple releases the germs from the pore, allowing the pimple to disappear. This is untrue on lots of levels. Firstly, squeezing may drive the acne bacteria deeper into the pore, and considering that it’s microscopic and plentiful, some of the bacteria will be left in the pore.

The germs sets off an inflammatory response, suggesting the body immune system finds caught germs and produces chemicals called cytokines to damage it. The pimple ends up being red, swollen and uncomfortable in fighting the germs. However certain cytokines have been connected with a scarring type of healing response. What this implies is that the surrounding skin tissue can be harmed, eventually resulting in a scar.


It is commonly known that steroid injections are effective methods in treating big, persistent, singular acne cysts, or if a fast response is needed like prior to an essential social occasion. It can be injected directly into acne lesion to flatten the cyst within 2-3 days. Such procedure should only be carried out by certified dermatologist.


Many people opt to conceal their acne as it gives self-confidence and there is no need to avoid makeup. It is very important to select the right makeup for oily, blemish and vulnerable skin. Always choose an oil-free makeup to provide the coverage you require.


Don’t believe this! It¬†is an very old myth from 17th century, trying to discourage the youths from having unhealthy sex behavior. If you are religious, then you are bind to it. Else, forget about it as this has totally no scientific proof at all.


Stress itself does not trigger acne, although it can establish as a negative effects when taking medications prescribed to assist you manage tension. If you take this type of medication and are seeing acne symptoms, such as pimples, zits, or pustules, seek advice from with your doctor to figure out if the medication may be contributing to your skin condition. One word of care: although tension will not cause acne, it can make the condition even worse if you currently have it.


There is some evidence that usage of dairy and foods with a high GI-index can aggravate acne so I recommend my customers restrict these and for them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Anecdotally, stress can worsen lots of skin illness, including acne, so discovering approaches of minimizing this e.g. through exercise or meditation might indirectly have some benefit.


One typical misconception about handling acne is stop using abrasive items, worrying that it may provoke your delicate skin. In actual fact, oily skin people should exfoliate at least once a week to removes dead skin from the face to reduce the changes of getting blackheads. However, you should not exfoliate too much as not to irritate the skin to make the acne worst.


Based on current¬†available scientific proof, it is does not yet support a compelling¬†case. Yes, we do aware that people in some population do not have acne problem. But that doesn’t mean it was because of their specific diet. There are many other factors such as genetics or environmental.

If you have found a particular diet that have actually cure your acne, please share it with us. Yet, please bare in mind that most diet plan will appear to be working in short term. This is because as our body weight drop, hormones that react to acne decline as well. As such, an effective acne diet should continue to work even after the weight lose duration.

On the other hand, you do have to practice proper nutrition so that your total health will be excellent.


There is nothing wrong to get 20-30 minutes sun exposure daily during outdoor workout. In fact, right amount of sun exposure is proven to help on body acne. Nevertheless, extreme exposure to the sun light will irritate and damage your skin. As a result, you can have an acne outbreak following that.


Although acne is the # 1 reason individuals visit dermatologists, this does not mean they are experts in acne unless they are professional in that field. There are tonne of skin disease and a skin specialist may not be major in all different type of skin problems.

It is best for the acne patient to find out what are the available treatments prior to consulting dermatologist. This is both for cost and decision making perspective. The more you know about acne and their treatment options, it is much easier when having the conversation with your skin doctors.


Acne face mapping is famous among Chinese. However, it has not enough evidence to conclude that acne facial mapping can reveal much health information about a person. However, we do believe that acne in different areas on the face can give you clue on what are causing it.

Cheek and Jawline acne can arise from prolonged dirty phone usage. The touchscreens of the phone contain lots of germs and heat which may trigger your sebaceous glands.

Acne on forehead can be contributed by usage of hair styling gel, waxes or oils, which obstruct our pores. Frequent rubbing of your forehead skin may trigger inflammation and adding to breakouts. This can also happen to those wearing hats and helmets frequently.


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Acne scars are created when pimples either get irritated or failed to recover fully. It is created when one of the layers of your healthy skin is wounded. When your skin is injured and bleeding, it is our body nature to form new tissues to recover them, and these new tissues will form the acne marks.


Type of Acne Scars & Treatments

type of skin scars

In general,¬†there are 2 major types of acne scars – one caused by loss of tissue and another one caused of the new tissues developed during healing process. Let’s learn about few common type of acne scars:


Depressed Scars

These are pitted scars caused by acne or accidents. Depends on their shape and formation, it can be identified as icepick scars (deep and narrow), rolling scars (rounded and sloping edge) or boxcar scars (steep defined edges). It is caused by loss of tissue that causes collapse or deep holes in the acne area.

Ice-pick scars left behind large and empty poles in the skin and it is hardest type of scar to be treated without surgical procedures. They are often too deep to be treated using standard resurfacing methods such as chemical peels. Better treatment options will be punch out excisions and laser therapy.

Rolling scars are broad scars with round and sloping edges. Great result can easily achieved using laser resurfacing, chemical peels, red ligh photo-theraphy, subcision or needling.

Boxcar scars is similar to rolling scars but they have deeper and steeper edges. Because they are smaller compared to rolling scars, they can be treated using cosmetic fillers. Laser resufacing is also good options and will make great improvement for these type of scars.


Keloid Scars

Keloid (or Hypertrophic) scars are easily identified by the excess scars tissue formed beside the acne. They are firm scar tissues that raised around the healthy tissue after the acne eruption. This is not common among acne patients and are usually caused by external factors such as genetics or secondary infections.

In order to treat this type of acne scars, they need to be removed surgically.


Discoloration & Pigmentation

Beside the ugly scars, acne patients will usually have to deal with abnormal discoloration of the skin surrounding the scarring area. There are generally 2 types of coloring problems:


Hyper or Hypo Pigmentation

Hyper pigmentation happens when excess of melanin being produced from the acne lesion area. In contra, hypo-pigmentation happens when the affected area lose its ability to produde melanin. Regardless it is hyper or hypo, the end result is you will be having noticeable discoloration facial skin. Luckily this can be easily treated through chemical peels or light laser resurfacing.


Permanent Redness

redness after acneErythema (permanent redness) happen when the small capillaries damaged and appear as region of redness. This is quite common in acne patient and looks obvious to patients with lighter skin tones. It can be treated using topical prescription or red light photo-theraphy.






Acne scars remain for years after the acne is gone and this is not some pleasure to have. We hope the information about acne scars and treatments will provide you the sufficient knowledge to choose the right treatment for you acne scars.

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The Acne Medication Mystery Revealed

Statistics have revealed that over 200,000 individuals research the details of acne each day with approximately 77,000 wanting to knowledge details regarding acne medication.  Statistics have also revealed that there are approximately 22 million websites discussing the medical condition acne, including medication, treatment and other acne-related aspects.

What does all this information tell a person?  It tells us that the issue of acne is a popular one and many individuals on a global scale are suffering from acne.  As a means of dealing with the acne, they require knowledge of the type of acne medication available to cure their problem.  This article will provide some information on this particular topic.


What Exactly is Acne?

To understand the treatment of acne, it is important to understand acne itself.  Acne, as a medical condition, is known by the average person as pimples or zits.  There are various types of acne, and while they can all occur simultaneously, it is not necessary for the acne to develop through stages.  The most common form of acne is known as comedo, most commonly known as the blackhead.

The second form is the acne spot which is triggered by bacteria and germs. ¬†This type of acne has the symptoms of inflammation resulting in a highly uncomfortable swelling known as ‘pa-pule’. ¬†If the inflammation does not reduce, it is possible that a pustule may form holding an amount of pus. ¬†To treat this pustule, it is necessary to release the pus; however, this can result in deep damage with scarring if a pustule is large and severe.

What Acne Medications Are Available?

Acne medication has a variety of functions.  The first is to prevent the formation of acne.  The second is the avoidance of the infection of the acne.  The third is to prevent scarring from acne that has already formed, this is arguably the most popular type of acne treatment among acne sufferers.

For acne treatment, there are a few over the shelve prescriptions¬†available at your regional pharmacy, and those products are typically the first trial of treatment, as they’re the simplest to get, low-cost, and in most¬†cases, get the job done.

However, there are some persistent, aggravating acne cases that just can’t be treated using¬†over the counter prescriptions¬†alone. Rather than testing the product one by one, it’s time to visit a skin specialist if you notice your acne isn’t¬†improving.


What Are Type of Acne Medications Available

Generally, acne treatment medicines can be grouped into 2 major types: topical (used directly on skin) or systemic (taken orally). Let’s learn more about each type of these medication,¬†together with their pros and cons.

Topical Type That Being Applied On Skin

Topical medications, which comprises of most of the anti-acne prescription, are typically used directly on the area of the breakouts. Two most commonly used types are Keratolytics and Antiseptics.

Keratolytics works by removing the upper layer of the skin and dislodge the white and black heads. Common examples are sulphur, benzyl peroxide and Retin A.

Antiseptics such as sinc salts and Betadine works by killing harmful germs.

Retinoids such as prescription tretinoin and other vitamin A derivatives, helps in an anti-acne treatment regimen. They are reliable treatments for blemishes for the fact that they change the forming of skin cells and pores, thus improving the unclogging pores and decreasing inflammatory sores.

Topical Tretinoin¬†are antibacterial agents that¬†work well with retinoids. However, if you experience side¬†effects like dryness or peeling, it’s best to use the two independently or different time. You may apply the anti-bacterial product in the morning followed by the¬†prescription retinoid in the evening.


One of the main problems when using any topical acne medication is that it can be quite intense and may cause irritation for the user.  This irritation can result in swelling. Some medication such as retin A should not be used throughout pregnancy. Acne prescription that contain sulphur has a very unpleasant smell.

Normally topical acne medications work well for those with mild acne. A great number can be simply purchased non-prescription without the need of a physician’s prescription. And for¬†many people, this may be the only treatment needed for acne.

Consumed Orally Type

Oral prescription antibiotics can be incredibly efficient in managing acne, but they may have some serious side effects. Oral antibiotics kill not only the bad germs, but also eliminate the good one in the body. Therefore, continuous usage can lead to chronic vaginal yeast infections or stomach issues.

On top of that, the bad bacteria can end up being immune and become resistant to the oral antibiotic. That means you may had to take stronger dosage to get the same effect in future.

Some type of contraceptive pill have been tested able to reduce acne lesions and oil glance production and hence reducing the blemish.  It contains progestins that block production of androgens that cause breakout.


The Conclusion

In summary, it’s essential to remind ourselves¬†that simply it’s not the end of the world if the over the counter prescription didn’t work for you. Look for¬†a dermatologist that can work with¬†you¬†to draft out¬†recipes¬†that works best for you. Remember that in some cases it will¬†take a couple of shots to find the recipes that works for you. Don’t lose hope!




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Acne 101 - What You Need to know about Acne

Acne is basically a skin problem that may have combination signs of black heads, greasy skin, pimples, swelling or even acne scars. It normally affect teenagers between 15-25 years old but sometimes could also impact older adults.



It all starts from the increased sebum production from the glands in the hair follicles. Then, the sebum get mixed with the dead skin cells and react to the “comedones” near the pores opening. It is when the forming of black or white heads – depends on the color of the comedones.

When the blocked hair follicle get filled with sebum and became swollen, it may get infected by germs and forming a pimple. Depends on the severity of the pimples, it may get burst and spread it’s content to the surrounding facial area, damaging skin tissues and leaving the ugly scars behind.




There are many reasons that trigger acne production among the youths, one of the most common contributors is the increase of sebum production due to increased of hormone. Testosterone Рmale hormone is the main culprit. Girls in their adolescence, tends to produce lots of such hormone.


Unhealthy diet behavior that contains high sugar and junk food is another major contributors that could aggravate the acne. So do lack of vitamin or minerals. Health problems such as poor digestion or lazy colon could worsen the situation as toxic cannot be flushed out from the body.

Lastly, good hygiene habit play a part in managing and controlling acne outbreak. Good skincare routine of facial cleansing, moisturizing and sun blocking with the natural and fragrance free skincare products help. Other good habit include cleaning your mobile phone screen, facial tower, pillow case and etc.




For severe acne cases, you might want to consult dermatologist for medical treatment. However, most of the people are only having mild acne and here are few things you can do on your own in treating them:


1. Follow these diet guidelines

  • Do not take consume¬†overly large amount of fat
  • Prefer natural oils such as olive oil is ideal, sunflower oil, walnut oil, sunflower oil and soy oil.
  • Eat¬†meats from animals without legs or less legs such as fish (eg. 2 legs is better than 4 legs)
  • Consume¬†food with a high fiber to help in digestion such as veggies, cereals, fruits or¬†corns.

2. Here are few things to avoid

  • Avoid cosmetic with¬†heavy chemicals or oil that is¬†hard to wash away and clog your pores
  • Avoid using antiperspirants
  • Avoid using strong soap or cleansers that¬†may dry out your skin
  • Avoid using¬†anabolic steroids or other hormone supplements
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting sport bra or apparels that may suffocate your skin

3. Usage of gels and creams to treat acne and protect your skin

After washing, you must apply treatment gel, lotion or cream onto the affected area:

  • To¬†protect your skin from extreme hot, cold or over-exposed environment
  • To soothe and minimize inflammation
  • To kill and eliminate the bacteria that may¬†cause infection
  • To stimulate skin healing and regeneration
  • To¬†isolate your skin inner layer from cosmetic or makeup

Natural plant oils such as rose hip oil, tea tree oil, lavender and olive oil are good recommendations that can help to protect your skin and dissolve the comedones causing acne. As for minimizing swelling and promote healing, try product containing Aloe vera extract, Grapefruit seed extract or Vitamin E or A.

4. Oral supplements to eliminate the acne and nurture the skin

On top of the external treatment, supplements for acne can be taken orally to help in acne controlling and healing. By combining external application and internal consumption, one can achieve the result faster and more effectively.

  • To make the sebum more fluid so it drains out more quickly
  • To promote cleansing procedures in your skin
  • To stimulate your skin to regenerate and recover
  • To provide your skin structure the essential nutrients essential to heal itself

Active ingredients that are typically added to these supplements to promote cleansing and healing in the skin are: Vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2… Bioflanoids, Copper, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc. On top of that, nutrients found in evening promise oil and wheat germ oil can help in skin reconstruction.


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6 Tricks To Find The Right Facial Cleanser


In the market, there are many facial cleansers to select from – soap bars, lotions, creams, gels, scrubs and …. Have you ever confused and didn’t know which one to get?

Facial cleansers help us to remove dirt and dead cells from our facial skin, and this is the first and foundation step in skin care 101. Hence, choosing the right facial cleanser is crucial. Have do you choose? Let’s learn.


Understand Your Skin Type

There is no such thing as “one shoe fit all” cleanser. In order to have the right cleanser, you have to first understand your skin type. Using incorrect type of cleanser can be a disaster to your face as it may cause unnecessary dryness, oiliness or unwanted reactions.

Let’s Check: Which skin type do you have?

  • Typical skin – Standard skin that has balance of moisture, oil and resilience
  • Oily skin – normally looks oily or glossy just few hours after cleaning it
  • Dry skin –¬†hard to even see your pores after face wash
  • Delicate skin – always feels tight and sensitive to allergic responses
  • Combination skin – mixture of the above


Find The Perfect Match

Well done! After identifying your skin type, you are one step closer looking for your perfect match. All cleansers over the counter have clear label with description on which skin type it is suitable for.

Now, some extra tips for you. If you have dry skin, avoid cleansers that contain alcohol because it will make you skin even drier. If you have oily skin, you might want to choose cleaner with lower pH level because lower pH cleaner can remove oil more effectively. If you have sensitive skin, just stay away from cleansers that contain chemicals or heavy fragrance.


Ask and You shall be given

Standing in a retailer and facing an endless aisle of facial cleansers can be complicated, if not outright scary. I understand how you feel, I have gone through that stage before.

You are not alone and you don’t have to. Ask your friends and people around you, I am sure they can give you good advise and recommendation. Sharing is Caring, and that is exactly what friend for, right?

Beside asking you friends, you¬†can also take advantage of all the “field research” that has actually already been doggedly carried out by your peers or online communities. Bear in mind that various people have different skin types, so what works for your dry, scratchy pal may not work for your oily or sensitive skin.

Talk with those who work in the skin care field. What products appear to acquire loyal customers? Which ones do they personally favor? The exact same goes for skin specialists, they will be more than happy to assist you in your search for the best facial cleanser.


Record What’s working for you

With such a shocking variety of facial cleansers to select from, it can be hard to remember what has and hasn’t working in your early days of wild experimentation. Some cleansers might leave you feeling and looking squeaky tidy, while others only worsen your underlying skin problems. It does not take long prior to all those brand name names, cleanser types, fragrances and features become just one huge blur.

Your face doesn’t need to reveal its deepest tricks, however keeping a log of exactly what facial cleansers you use and for how long will help you determine exactly what’s working and exactly what’s not. By utilizing each facial cleanser you try for an equal quantity of time, you’ll have the ability to make an apples-to-apples comparison when later on glancing through your notes on how well each cleanser performed for you.


What’s in it?

Inside is what matter! When choosing a cleaners, make sure you read the ingredients listed on the label description carefully. In general, there are 2 major ingredients that MUST present in a good cleansers – Chamomile extract and Olive left extract.

Chamomile is a calming and relaxing ingredients that reduces inflammation, discoloration and leaves the skin calmed and rejuvenated. Olive Leaf Extract, is a natural astringent that can remove contaminants and germs that cause acne and other skin problems.

Moisturizing ingredients is another important role for cleansers, choose products from the reputable brand name such as Aloe Vera and Shea Butter if you are unsure.

Apart from above, another key ingredients Tangerine Oil  that encourage cell regeneration and collagen production.

The objective in all skin care is to have the active ingredient works on the skin. Using the leading facial cleansers will permit this to happen far more effectively.


Go With Top 5

Did you realize that there are only a few famous skin care companies that remain in the market? Just google the web for facial cleanser, moisturizer or wrinkle cream and you can easily narrow down to top 5 products for each category.

With the advancement of technology and mobile phone, information is readily available. It only takes you few minutes to half an hour before you can pull up product reviews to find out the skincare product you need. When you choose the Top 5, ensure you filter them by your skin type and special requirement.

Normally you can hardly go wrong with the top 5 brand or reviews.


Go Green, Go Natural

If you have too much time on your hands, turn over a packaged facial cleanser and read the list of components. Typically, the majority of products on that list will sound entirely unknown to you.

Quite a lot, in fact. Some chemicals frequently utilized in facial cleansers can irritate the skin. Frequently, it’s the chemicals included in the cleanser’s scent, such as form-providing plasticizes understood as phosphates, which are thought to have unfavorable health results on people.

Furthermore, the chemicals commonly found in facial cleansers ultimately get cleaned off you and after that make their method through sewage systems and drain back into our environment. The quantity of these chemicals being used and disposed of every day worldwide indicates the environmental level of these chemicals — a few of which are carcinogenic is constantly increasing.



Cleansers are commonly used in most people throughout their life and our goal is to find one that works for us and then stay with it. Switching cleanser is not encouraged unless you have new circumstance that need that to happen. It is well deserve to spend the time to research and try out to uncover the right facial cleanser that meet your needs.

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