6 Causes of Back Acne and How To Treat It


Back Acne 101 - 6 Causes of Back Acne and How to Treat It
Many people assume that acne only appears on the face, but this is untrue as it can appear on the neck, shoulders, upper arms, abdomen and back. Acne on the back is similar to other forms of acne and will look like pimples or blackheads. In serious cases, this could look like an acne cyst.

Back acne is more common during puberty as the sebaceous gland starts working. There are no links to gender when it comes to this acne, and while puberty is the most likely time for this to occur it can occur later in life as well. It is important that you understand the reasons for the acne and the different ways that this can be treated.


Causes Of Body Acne

The primary cause of acne on the body is the same as acne on the face and this is excessive oil and dead skin blocking the pores.  The pimples develop when bacteria is trapped in the pores.  Back acne will generally be localized to the upper and middle sections with lower back acne being rare.  It is also possible that acne on the back is caused by clothing causing inflammation from frequent rubbing.


The Treatments Of Back Acne

There are a number of treatments that you can try to alleviate back acne.  It is important to note that not all treatments will work for you as each person is different.

Cause # 1: Sweat a lot

Back acne can be caused by sweating profusely and not cleaning the back or washing the sweat off. One way to treat this cause is to use cool clothes which breath well and to put powder on the back to attract the sweat. Of course, the best method to treat sweat related acne is to take a shower after an intense workout.

If you are unable to shower after the workout you should consider having a change of clothes available. After the workout, dry off all the sweat with a soft towel and change into the new clothes. This should prevent the acne from flaring up.


Cause # 2: Pores Clogging Products

If your acne has been caused by clogged pores you will need to consider what products you put on your back.  Sunscreens, body cream and massage oils can all cause acne if they are oil-based.  The best treatment would be to use a gel type sunscreen instead of cream and to clean off massage oils after they have been used.  Cleaning your skin with warm water after a massage will open the pores and allow the excess oil to be removed.


Cause # 3: Wearing irritating clothes

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Acne caused by clothing irritation is often harder to treat because you are not always able to change your clothing.  If you have a sports bar that rubs against your back often this can increase the chances of back acne.  The best treatment would be to change out of the clothing that causes irritation as soon as possible.

The Cure: If your gym clothes cause the problem you need to change after your workout.  You should ensure that you clean your back with a soft towel after the exercise as well.


Cause # 4: Not cleaning your back

Not cleaning your back correctly is one of the primary causes of back acne.  Most people are unable to reach all parts of their back when washing and this could lead to pimples.  The best treatment is to have something that reaches your back for you.  The item you use needs to be able to properly clean the skin and remove any dirt or skin cells before they clog the pores.


Cause # 5: It is in the family

It is possible that the cause of your back acne is genetic and this can be treated with over the counter body wash which includes salicylic acid or glycolic acid.  If you do not have a severe case of acne it is possible to use anti-bacterial cleansers which have been made for facial acne.  You should avoid using regular soaps as they could aggravate the acne if you have sensitive skin.

One of the best treatments of this acne is to use gels or creams that contain at least 10% benzoyl peroxide.  Research has shown that these products offer better protection and treatment for body acne. They also help the acne clear up two times faster and can be bought over the counter without a prescription.


Cause # 6: It is Your diet

You diet can also cause body acne and you need to consider this, learn moreYou diet can also cause body acne and you need to consider this.  Staying away from foods with high-fat contents and oils is important.  A balanced diet can clear up your skin so cut back on oils and dairy products.


There are a number of ways that you can treat body acne, but this will depend on the cause.  Each cause should be considered and treated based on how it is affecting your back.




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