5 Incredibly Useful Cystic Acne Treatment Tips

Are you having those large, red and painful pimples? If you do, then most likely you are having cystic acne. You must treat them promptly because they can usually affect large area of your face and leave those permanent scars with you for life.


First, Study The Enemy

I am not joking when I say they are our enemies. These cystic acne produce lots of red and large bumps that full of pus that make you so itchy yet hurting. It is so itchy that it makes you scratch on it but once it burst, the infection spread and more colonies of them surface out like mushrooms. Gosh! Hate it!

If you want to manage them, make sure you control your hand first. Stay away from touching or even worst burst the bump. Relax and keep your stress level low. Change your lifestyle to eat balanced diet, exercise, drink lots of water and sleep early.


Options to treat Cystic Acne


Then, Learn about the Options

They are few over-the-counter prescriptions that works great on mild acne but they usually failed in treating cystic acne. To treat these stubborn cystic acne, we need stronger medication as follow:


Oral Antibiotic

Based on study done, antibiotics are best for treating this sort of acne because it kill them and lower the inflammation. Examples of the medication such as Tetracycline pills or Doxycycline.

Birth control pills

One major contributors of acne is excess sebum production that clog our pores. Birth control pills contain estrogen and progesterone that can reduce the sebum and is remarkable effective in treating cystic acne.

Cortisone Shot

Cortisone is a type of steroid that can lower inflammation and indirectly lead to less pain. It can be conducted at doctor’s office to provide quick relief to small part of your body like face. The benefit of having this treatment is it will avoid scarring from cystic acne as it dry out naturally after the injection.

Drugs – Accutane/Isotretinoin

Accutane is a medication for all acne that to be taken orally daily for up to 4-5 months. For most people, this will clear the skin completely after the course. However, there are several side effects that you need to find out before taking it. Also, women should avoid becoming pregnant during this period.

Vitamin A Prescriptions

Prescription that contains strong vitamin A in various forms (lotion, cream, gel or tablets) can clear up pores, remove excess oil and kill the germs.


Finally, Take Action

The 5 reviewed options above can help you treat cystic acne, it is time to take action.



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