12 Lifestyle Changes That Defeat Acne

12 Lifestyle Changes That Defeat Acne

Many of us experience acne at least once in our lives, whether during our teenage time or adult hood. Regardless when you get that, we have some known good natural methods you can adopt to reduce or even free from it.

Here are 12 easy lifestyle changes to help to clear up acne comes directly from knowledgeable specialists with special knowledge about Acne. They have actually helped hundreds of individuals suffering from acne. Hopefully, these will works for you too.


No 1: Water of Life

Don’t ever underestimate the power of water, in fact 50-65% of our body compose of water. It helps in flushing out internal contaminants and moisturize our skins inside out. Consuming minimum 8 glasses of water daily is crucial to help eliminating oil and waste and keep our pores from being blocked.

Besides drinking water, you should also refrain from consuming too much of coffee, tea, soda or alcohols because they will draw water from your body.


No 2: Watch Your Diet

Have you ever heard the saying “We are what we eat“? Not only acne, our overall health depends on what we eat daily. Take for example, eating too much of sugary or junk food will cause acne breakout.

Why is that? These type of food will increase our body sugar level and insulin quickly. Such reaction can increase the oil glands production and lead to clogged pores, which end up acne. If you want to reduce acne or prevent it, consume low fat diet such as green veggies, bean, whole grains bread or lean proteins. Cut down your intake of white rice, pasta and sugar.



No 3: Get More Sleep

According to a research done about sleep, for every single hour we lose in sleep, mental stress increased by 15%. You may ask, how does that relate to acne? Stress is the connection! Have you ever experience acne breakout during exam time when you are under stress?

According to Garner, our cells produce more sebum (oily substance that clog pores) when we are under stress, and this lead to pimples. To have a better sleep, avoid using computer half an hour before sleep and adjust your bedroom temperature to between 65-75 Fahrenheit.


No 4: Move Your Body

“You got to move it move it… move it!”. Just like the song play out, workout definitely help in acne battle. A good exercise will reduce stress, increase your blood circulation and flush out the toxin from your body. Don’t hesitate, take action now!

*Remember to shower or change new cloth right after your workout because sweat can irritate your skin and worsen the acne.


No 5: Cleanse Twice a Day

According to Carolyn Jacob (a Chicago dermatologist), our face has the most oil glands as compared to other body parts. Image what will happen if we have lots of sweat, dirt or makeup that block these oil gland… If we didn’t clean them timely, we will surely end up having lots of blackheads and pimples.

You can probably afford not to shower twice a day, but you can’t risk not washing your face! If you want to avoid acne, you surely want to clean your face properly and gently – at least once in the morning and one before you go to sleep.


No 6: Exfoliate few times Weekly

Apart from cleaning our faces, we should also exfoliate to remove dead cells from our skin at least 2-3 times a week. Always use a mild exfoliate product for your face and moisturize it (go for non-comedogenic moisturizer) after that.

The reason of using moisturizer is to hydrate dry skin so that it won’t have cracks where bacteria can reproduce, and to avoid blocking pores from excessive flaking.


No 7: Clean Your Mobile phone

Nowadays, many of us spent 2-3 hours using our phones in a day! Did you even realize that our mobile phone is bed for bacteria and germs? Thousand of bacteria can easily spread from our fingers to our face. Did you feel disgusting yet? And if you are wondering why you tends to have acne at your jaw-line, now you should have the answer.

Stop reading and clean your phone now for God sake! Make it a good habit to wipe your phone surface daily whenever possible. If you have wireless or blue tooth headset, use them.


No 8: Hands off

Did you have the habit of touching your face with your itchy fingers? Stop it!

Did you have the habit of playing your hairs with your fingers and then touch your face? Stop it!

Just intentionally observe how many items you touch or contact with your hand in a day, and I am sure you will agree with me. Simply countless and clueless. In short, our hands is full of germs and you don’t want to spread it to your face, period.



No 9: Sunscreen Protection

The sunlight is good but we don’t want your tender facial skin to get exposed to it too much, don’t we? Over exposure can get sunburn and worsen your acne.

Protect your face with sun lotion each time you need to be outdoor. Check out the ingredients of your sun block and go after those with least chemical compounds. If you have no clue about which sun block to choose from, just select one from the reputable brand name like Aveeno, can’t go wrong with that.



No 10: Love Omega 3s

We discussed about diet in point#2, don’t we? Yes, but this point is so important and deserve to be added. If you have acne, you will want to start to take food like walnuts, avocados, flaxseed oil, and salmon. They are foods that are rich in Omega-3, which reduce the production of leukotriene B4 (bad guy that trigger acne) and increase hydration of your scalp.



No 11: Avoid extreme hot or cold water

If you have acne, especially back or body acne, never ever take extremely hot or cold shower. Use warm water around 98.5 degree. The reason is so simple and I don’t think I need to explain further here.


No 12: Avoid These

In your war with acne, consider items below your enemies and you want to avoid them at all cost.


Avoid any astringent agents that can shrink your skin’s pores, such as witch hazel, oatmeal and rubbing alcohol.


Reduce intake of coffee, tea, cigarettes and soda – they can stimulate and produce more oil that will block your pores and cause acne.


Despite alcohol can reduce tension and help you relax but it will do more harms than good to your acne. It will shrink your pores and possibly prevent sleep.



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