12 Best Practices To Prevent Acne

12 Best Practices To Prevent Acne

Are you having acne so bad that you are not comfortable to show up in public? If so, sweat not! We have Top 12 suggestions that can help you to free from acne and regain your confident. In no time, you will be able to show off your clear and stunning face.

Clean Your Mobile Phone

Many of us spent hours and hours on our mobile phone every day. Did you even realize that this little gadget that we love actually is the culprit of the acne breakout? Wonder why? Just recall how many times you have your unclean fingers touching the phone screen and then put the phone on your face.

It’s time to build up the habit to clean your cellular phone at least once a day. If you are someone so forgetful, it is time to get a mobile headset and use that instead.

Wash & Clean Your Face

Cleaning your face is another habit that you must have and be discipline about, if you are serious in combating acne. A good routine will be having your face cleansed using mild cleanser with warm water every morning and before you go for bed.

Washing your face twice a day is crucial to remove dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells from your facial surface. Avoid using extreme soap that contain antiperspirant or washing too frequent as these may cause possible irritation to your skin. Just wash it gently using your hands or soft cloth and then wipe it dry using a clean and soft towel.

Moisturize Her

Most cleanser and acne product tend to dry out your skin, hence moisturizer is another important product that you need to have in your skincare routine. Acne treatment products containing benzoyl peroxide for example can suck up all the moisture from your skin.

Good moisturizer that contain components such as glycerin will help to lock the moisture in your skin, prevent dryness, flaking or soreness that might trigger the inflammation or acne.


Less Makeup for Her

Makeup is very important to girls and women and we totally understand that. There is no need to stop makeup entirely, but try to use it moderately. Pay more attention to the ingredients of your makeup and ensure it didn’t contain substances such as dyes or chemicals that could potential obstruct your poles or trigger the pimples that you try to conceal.

If you are unsure about the ingredients, just look for makeup that labelled as “Non-comedogenic” (will not trigger acne) and oil-free. During breakout, it is best to avoid using powder, foundation or blush. This will prevent worsen acne caused by blocking pres. Finally, remember to clean off your makeup completely at the end of the day.


Stop Touching Her

Some ladies tend to touch their hair (or) and then touch their face without themselves realizing. This habit will cause dirt and germs to spread from your hand onto your face. Try to keep your hand away from your face at all time. If you didn’t notice this for yourself, try to ask your best friends or family member if you did that.

Keeping your hand off your face will greatly reduce the chances of acne breakout or having your itchy hand to pop the pimples – leaving the ugly scars behind.


Take Care of Your Hair Too

Be very careful when using fragrances, pomades, oils, or gels on your hair. If they get on to your face, they can obstruct your skin’s pores and aggravate your skin.

If you are having more acne lately, examine the shampoo used. Shampoos or conditioners that contains high amount of chemicals and fragrance can cause skin irritation and trigger breakouts on your facial area such as jaw and forehead as well as neck and back. Use a gentle hair shampoo and conditioner whenever possible.

Wash your hair regularly and keep it away from your face, especially if you are having oily hair. Have it tied up and flipped it to the back if you are having long hair. During shower, always rinse your shampoo completely before cleaning your face.


Change Your Pillow Case Weekly

Most of us spent 6-8 hours everyday on bed. All the dirt, sweat and possible makeup from your face is leaking and sipping into your pillow case every night, little by little. If you did not clean them frequent enough, those accumulated dirt and germs will serve you well at night.

Your condition will be even worst if you never remove the makeup or clean your face every night before going to bed. Not only the dirt and oil will cause blockage to your face pores, it is very likely that you will be infected by the germs or dust mites from the pillow.


What ?! Examine Your Laundry Detergent

Similar to hair shampoos, detergents used for laundry can be another cause of acne production. Take a moment to find out what are the ingredients inside your detergents. Whether they are in powder or liquid form, they can provoke your skin, especially through face towel if they contain contain harsh chemical or fragrance.

Pay attention also to your water pressure and clean your water out pump from your washing machine to ensure good outflow of water, ensuring all soap is flushed out and your shirts do not have any detergent residues. If possible, try to switch to soap that is chemical free and fragrance-free.


Stay Out of The Sun

Despite little sunlight is good for minimizing acne, excessive exposure can cause the adverse effects.  Not only it will cause sunburn and damage your skin, it may worsen your acne. If you need to be under the sun for prolonged period of time, make sure you apply sun screen and moisturizer.

When choosing the sun block, pick the one that does not have lots of chemicals, fragrances and oil. Oily sun lotion is known to trap sweat and dirt easily, causing blockage to skin and trigger acne.



When you exercise, your blood circulate and this will keep your skin healthy and glow. Furthermore, through sweating, the toxic and dirt are removed from your body, helping in reducing acne. After workout, you will probably drink more water and this help again.

Just one small precaution, remember to wipe clean your body or change cloth immediately after your workout. Having your sweat and dirt on your body for long period, not only it is sticky and smelly, it might also cause itchiness and undesired skin diseases.

Relax! Don’t Stress

According to a dermatologist in Texas, acne patients tend to have breakout when they are under stressed. In fast, tension can cause lots of other skin problems, both physiologically and physically.

Have you ever experience more acne during exam time? Keeping tension level low is essential in controlling acne. The more you worry about acne, the more it becomes. So, keep calm and relax! Try exercise like yoga or meditation if you can, they will definitely help.


Eat Healthy

Despite there is no firm correlation between diet and acne, most skin specialists do agree that unhealthy diet can induce more acne. For some people who are allergic to certain food (such as diary), little intake is enough to spark the immune system to trigger acne or skin problems.

In general, reduce the consumption of food such as french fries, burgers and soda. These are not only bad for your skin, they are in fact bad for your health overall.


You dream of having a clear and glowing skin and now we hope you have the information you need to start your first step. By now, you should already have the knowledge and suggestions you need, so take action and make your dream come true. Our suggestions have shown to be successful in helping many to regain beautiful skin and confidence, we would love to have you too.



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